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Doogan is quite the traveler, he lives in Maine, and goes to New Mexico each year. We are the lucky ones, we get to see him on his way across the US as he travels! My favorite place to hang out is in the truck...they can't go anywhere without me if I'm sacked out in there...I love my life in Maine. Lots of smells in the woods, lots of birds in the many cats in town, I NEVER forget where I saw one last! There are LOTS of them here!!! Mom doesn't appreciate it when I drag her down the sidewalk after one...but she gets over it! All I have to do is be cute! Yesterday was my birthday! Mom and I took a special walk, a new place, where not too many people go, so much to check out, chased a squirrel and could smell bunnies! We enjoyed ourselves...
We are going to New Hampshire soon, I get to chase the "chippies" down there, go swimming in water that I can actually drink! and torture Grandpa's dog Kate. I met a new friend today, a young Airdale girl, also 2, we really hit it off, shes our new neighbor, I think I will get to play with her someday soon, she is from Alaska!

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