Irish just want to have fun!

The boys love to drive your car! Where are the keys?

Ollie and Rudy's license plate!

Rocky loves to nap either by the fire, on the couch or the hammock!

Rocky loves to get dressed up!

Andy and Hundi weathering the storm!

Andy and Shane swimming for the boat!

We love the beach!

Irish love walks! This is our Mom. With from left to right, Ruby, Rocky, Big Red, Brandy and Patrick. The shirt says, I Love My Rescue Red, sure should say, Reds! That is the lady who helps us all out from NJ!

Irish want to go on vacation with you! This is our Harley Davidson in Glacier National park in Montana. Since they have gotten us we always get to go on vacation. So, they have been talking about getting a sidecar?
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