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About Holly, originally known as Polly:
Just before Christmas there was a post going around about a 3 legged Irish Setter who had epilepsy and the owner was wanting to euthanize. Being that I was the closest to her, I called about her--I figured I'd foster her and help find her a home as I was not looking for a 4th dog--I had just found homes for two that I had found as strays and had been fostering and was looking forward to a break finally and back to just my three--does that ever truly happen in rescue? But the bottom line is, this is the best little dog in the world. She is sweet, calm, laid back, listens like a dream, is crate trained, walks on a leash, she adores my 3yr old grandson, I could go on and on--not a bad thing about her--nada! And we love her dearly. To meet Holly is to love her--I don't understand why her other owners never saw what we do. I still can't believe we are her 4th home but we are definitely her last. I have to give tons of kudos to my dear, understanding husband, Bill, who when told about the entire situation, replied *whatever you want to do honey* and drove with me to pick Holly up. Sorry, no, he doesn't have any brothers.

Georgia and Bill Conrad
Smithfield, VA
The senior boy is Toby--my first Irish and the white and black dog is Sebastian, known as Sebbie, my deaf, site impaired Aussie--a total joy, the third Irish is Brady O'Grady or sometimes known as knucklehead lol and last is Holly, known as Holly McMolly.

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