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  Kylie and Shane's success story
Kylie (formerly "Biber") arrived at my home the middle of May of this year 2003. She is now a very sassy 13 month old pup, Kylie was born in Turkey, came into this country last Fall and lived in Maryland before finding her way (through rescue) to me. She was to join myself & two older Setters (Devin & Tory). Many thought me daft to bring in a 3rd dog, but it was something I felt I wanted & had to do. After the events that quickly followed Kylie's arrival I am more inclined to believe someone higher up was trying to take care of me ...on 6/13/03 I lost my 12 1/2 Tory and then 7 weeks later (7/13/03) my 10 1/2 yr. old Devin. I was beside myself as you can imagine, loosing one is so very hard but two within a short time had me breaking down every and anyplace - the Rescue angels heard my broken hearts plea and on 8/5/03 Shane (formerly "Edward") was brought to me. I believe Shane to be between 4-6 but his bio claimed him to be 2, he is a love - gorgeous handsome face, lots of silver among the red and white under chin - Shane blended right into things with Kylie and myself, he loves walks with us and playing with the toys that Dev & Tory left for them. Kylie, of course HAS to have which ever toy Shane decides on, the brat. Shane smiles all of the time and his tail never stops. My spirits have lifted again, I watch these guys playing tag and chase around the trees as I once watched Dev & Tory - Memories are wonderful, again I can smile.

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