Irish Setter Club of America
Rescue Parades
St. Louis, MO - 1998

Hi! We are Rocky and Brandy, two Irish Setter rescue dogs loved by our new owners. We live in NJ and they have given us our second chance. This is us at the Irish Setter Club of America's 1st rescue parade in St. Louis, MO. I, Brandy am on the far left and my younger brother Rocky is fourth from the left. It was held in June 1998. We are looking forward to Texas in 2003! We love to stay at the hotels! Check out the great ribbons we all got. Photo by Shelly.

Jacksonville, FL - 1999

From left to right: Bonnie Foster with Molly, Patty Beddows with Justin, Lynn Krenzel with Saffron, Deanna Cuchiaro with Brandy, Kevin Foster with Maggie, Phil Cuchiaro with Rocky, Judy Britt with Annie, Tony Britt with Rusty, Peggy Pulliam with Monty, Joan Fiser with Megan, Linda Kumanchik with Jasmine, Jamie Clay with Colonel, Rose Evans with Maggie

Lancaster, PA - 2001

Front row: From left to right: Patty Beddows & Justin, Emily Moran & Babe, Nancy Nicholson & Aiden, Ann Duff & Old Girl, Bonnie Foster & Molly, Marilee Larson, Phil Cuchiaro & Patrick, Barbara Buscareno & Dylan, Deanna Cuchiaro & Brandy, Peggy Stratton & Tim. 2nd row: Left to right: Bob Duvall & Eric, Susie Duvall & Bentley, Caitlin Murphy and Shane, you can not really see Shane, Bill Murphy and Molly is there somewhere, can not see her either, Dee Atwell with Bonnie & TS, you can see part of Bonnie, I know TS is in there somewhere, Lynn Hammer & Monty, you can only see a small party of Monty, Chris Hughes & Penny, Shawn Chambers-Galis & Ali, Wendy Edwards & Rocky, Linda Crane with Riley, also can not see Riley, Bob Meyer & Ben, Patrick Murphy with Shane. 3rd row: Left to right: Missy Hazen & Brenna, Sara Ferguson with Hannah, Lydia Kaiser & Bailey, facing the wrong way, Ken Mennenga with Brooke, also trying to leave with her Big Brother Bailey, Pat Branum & Bailey, Amy Feger & Guinness, Diana & Ernie Laux & Casey & Darcy, except Casey & Darcy must have been tired, resting, laying down, can not see them, Carolyn Pierce with Chloe, can not see Chloe, Frog Prell & Crash, Gail Parker & Katie, Tony Britt & Copper, Lisa & Duffy, Joan Fiser & Rusty, you can see part of Rusty’s body. Back row: Left to right: Jan Mathews & Malley, Joe Marano & Winston, Kate Seymour & Murphy, can not see Murphy, Fran Moran & Rocky, that is Phil & Deanna Cuchiaro’s Rocky, Peggy Pulliam & Josh & Red, Richard Costello & Casey, Shirley & Harm Liebman & Seamus & Blaze, Helen Barclay & Rhiannon.
Eastern Irish Setter Association's Group Photo
October 8, 2000
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