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  Sheila's success story
Here is a picture of Shamus and Sheila in front of the fireplace with their heart garlands on. Enjoy. Shamus will be 8 years old in May. Has shown in Novice, has his CGC degree and TDI. Will be working soon at nursing homes in the West Chester area. Both dogs attend the Chester County Dog Training Club. I am a member of the club. Sheila will be 2 in May. Rescued her at 6 months of age. Would not even come into the house at first, chewed decorated pillows, dug holes outside. Now, Shamus's best buddy, never chews anything, no more outside holes and just got her CGC degree and is working on her CD in Novice. What a turn around. Lovable and gives many kisses. Even through her shyness, she never showed any aggression towards man or beast.
Nancy, and Irish Shamus and Sheila in Westtown, PA

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