Bello Tino Piccolo Uno Tino, Sam and Massimo
Life is good!
I know there is something in here for me. Pasta maybe?

It wasn't me.

Tino and Andy!

Sam joins our family, 9/19/04 from OH!

Sam, Chester and Rocky


Massimo joins us from a NY shelter 5-18-06.

  Tino's success story
Tino, a Spinone Italiano joined our family on 9/3/04. He was born 3/24/04 and wouldn't hunt, so he is now with us and the setters in NJ!

Halloween 2004

Tino's first winter in NJ, 2004-2005

Tino and Rocky

Tino loves Chester!

Sam enjoying NJ!

Tino at the nurisng home 09/05

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